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Who Should Be Leveraging Mobile Marketing?

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Mobile marketing offers companies new and exciting ways to expand the reach of their messages and touch more customers. The return on investment could range between new leads, more sales, increased repeat sales or more customer interaction. But who should be leveraging mobile marketing? How can you determine if your company is ready to tap into the mobile realm? Below are some ways to help you come to that conclusion.

Evaluate If Mobile Marketing Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Start by evaluating your company’s goals and determine if the benefits of mobile Marketing (as previously discussed) could help you meet those goals. For example, if your company is struggling to retain customers and create brand loyalty, mobile Marketing might help you close the gap between existing customers becoming repeat customers. Keeping your customers in the know about your latest offers and special discounts through the personal touch of a mobile device can create customer loyalty

Determine If Mobile Fits With Your Existing Marketing Programs

You can also think about your existing marketing programs and determine where you could enhance your customer communication strategies using mobile marketing. For example, if your company is currently leveraging other forms of Internet marketing, such as social media, and looking to tap into new engagement strategies, mobile marketing might be a step in the right direction. Location-based mobile marketing can serve as a great asset for companies that are looking to link their social media and mobile marketing campaigns together.

Location-based social networks like Foursquare, Looptand Gowalla coupled with the features of today’s Smartphone’s allow people to interact, share and recommend places based on their physical location.

Creating a mobile friendly website might be a good way to enhance the experience of your current website visitors. Launching a mobile commerce site might be a nice way to complement your existing eCommerce website. Later in this guide, we will discuss various mobile opportunities and how to integrate them into your marketing strategy. When answering the question of who should be leveraging mobile, a good question to ask yourself is where mobile fits with what you’re currently doing.

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