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Brand Energy Digital Survey for FREE Consultation

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Please complete this survey prior to our meeting to ensure that we maximize the use of our time together.


Please rank the statements below in terms of importance or relevance to you. If a statement does not apply to your business or industry, please leave it blank. To generate new business:

1) Our target market is :  8-25-year-olds
2) Prospecting is very important to our business.
3)We do not generate enough prospects to meet our sales objectives.
4) We generate prospects, but do not close enough sales to meet our objectives :
5) It's difficult to measure the success of our marketing activities.
6) We're disappointed with our return on investment from traditional marketing activities.
7) We currently leverage the following marketing strategies:  Yellow Pages
   Trade Shows
   Trade Shows
   Direct Mail
   Online Display Advertising
   Pay Per Click (PPC)
   Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
   Social Media Marketing/Optimization (Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
Other marketing strategies we leverage :

Company Website

1) We don't have a website, which is affecting our credibility and costing us business.
2) Our website is out of date, difficult to navigate and is a poor reflection of our business.
3) We have a website but it doesn't generate any new prospects.
4) We don't rank well as well in search engines as our competitors do.
5) Our competitors' websites are much better than ours.
6) Our analytics suggest that:  We get many visitors to our website
 We get very few visitors to our site
 We don't understand the reports
 We don't get reports

Current Internet Marketing / Website Supplier

Our web developer / Internet marketer:

1) We have not seen or heard from them since they built our website
2) The effectiveness of our Internet marketing has not improved under their guidance.
3) We want an Internet marketing company that can deliver high quality solutions on time and under budget.
4) We want to work with a company that can provide long term service and ongoing enhancements.

Business Needs

For this to be effective:

1) We require the ability to make changes and updates to our website quickly and easily.
2) We want to focus on our core business and have our Internet marketing company manage all activities.
3) We want to display an image gallery of our work.
4) We need an online product catalogue.
5) We want to sell our products online.
6) We want to use email marketing to build relationships and increase sales.
7) We want to sell banner advertising to other businesses on our site.
8) We need an event calendar and online registration system.
9) We want to make sure our website is mobile-ready.
10) We want to explore text message marketing to:  Drive instant traffic to our location
   Send appointment reminders
   Send security broadcasts
   Have the best chance of our communication being read
   Have the best chance of our communication being read
11) We want to know how to apply social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, blogging, etc) to our business in the following ways:  Monitor our brand/reputation
 Increase traffic to our site Promote our brand
 Promote events
 Interact with clients and potential clients
 Interact with clients and potential clients

General Comments / Questions

During the last 12 months, these issues have cost us this much in lost revenue*
Please list any other items that you would like to address during our meeting

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