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Retention Marketing

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Your Business Challenge

  • How to retain &increase business with your existing customers?
  • How to engage &communicate with your existing customers?
  • No repeat purchase happening with your existing customers?
  • How to reward existing & loyal customers for their loyalty?
  • No proper customer communication strategy for the existing customers?

Our Solution

Our focus will be on creating an actionable plan around retention, which by definition is maintaining or preserving your existing customer base loyal to your product offering.

Retention should be the main focus of your digital Marketing strategy in maintaining and building communication with your existing customer base.

Retention is about engaging with your existing customer base, so you should already have a wealth of analytical insights, Behavioral & Buying pattern of your customers and how they interact with your organization.

Online retention marketing strategy

  • SEO: Create & optimize content using Content Marketing plan
  • On page optimization techniques: to rank high on SERP
  • Affiliate Marketing & Loyalty programs
  • Analyze trends and performance of your current affiliate program e.g. what % of sales driven through affiliates are from repeat customers?
  • Monitor the Internet for mentions about your business.
  • Give customers user-friendly ways to contact your business
  • Social media: Blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+
  • Email Marketing: Campaign plan & blue print.
  • We will track and measure the success of each program.

Plus: You will benefit from a dedicated account manager who will manage all your campaigns, publish all your content and provide monthly reviews and ongoing consulting to enhance results.

*SEO: Search engine optimization
*SERP: Search engine results page

Contact Brand Energy Digital and we can help you with cost effective Retention Marketing strategy& solutions for your business.

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