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Video BloggingA video blog, or vlog, is a Web log (blog) that uses video rather than text or audio as its primary media source. Video blogs are usually accompanied by text or still images, and some vlogs include metadata (data that describe the content of a file, such as keywords) to further annotate the site. Digital video-editing software allows video bloggers to cut and paste sequences and integrate audio (background music, special effects, and so forth). Like a text blog, a video blog is updated regularly, typically includes personal reflections, often contains comments on other sites, and offers a simple mechanism for subscription and delivery through RSS feeds.

Video blogging offers a richer Web experience than text blogging because it combines movies, sound, still images, and text, increasing the information—and potentially emotions—shared with users. Rich media allow authors to explore new ways video bloggers believe that video allows more natural expression than writing.

Video bloggers have followed in the footsteps of bloggers and podcasters, extending their posts to include video segments rather than just text. Because new technologies make images and video easy to produce, anyone with a digital camera or camera-equipped cell phone can create a video blog. Video blogging is attracting people who want to share commentary, stories, and opinions in video format. Some video bloggers maintain blogs; others reject blogging because it limits their expression but are captivated by the richness and capabilities of vlogging.

YouTube is now the 2nd largest search engine in the world and some 25% of Americans in the past month said they watched a short video – on their phone.

Online Video BlogsHere are some mind-blowing stats

By mid-2012, online video usage was reportedly up approximately 63% over the preceding year. Some 20 hours of video are uploaded per minute to YouTube. According to YouTube, this is the equivalent of Hollywood releasing over 86,000 new full-length movies into theaters each week. Wow!

That means for every second in time, about 33 minutes of video make it to YouTube, and that for any given day 28,800 hours of video are uploaded in total. And given the fact that the majority of us are walking around with smartphones equipped with video capabilities and recording (and uploading) everything in sight, those numbers are certainly going to do nothing but rise – and quickly.

Statistics also show that many actually prefer viewing video rather than reading content, so often, views and click-through on video blogs are higher than on traditional blogs.

Assuming that we’ve now convinced you that video blogging is important and a rapidly growing medium, know that we can assist you with your video blogging efforts and help you integrate video blogging into your overall integrated marketing strategy.

We design vlogs, help devise and implement vlogging strategies, work with our clients on a regular basis developing topics and vlogging schedules, provide content development and editing services for our clients when desired and provide search engine optimization strategies to ensure the best results.

Contact Us if you need to add video Blogging as a part of digital marketing strategy for your business.

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