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Retention Marketing

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Today’s era signifies modernization, advancement and steady development. The credit for this progress can undoubtedly be given to the launch of the Internet and its various applications in digital marketing, which has provided the users ways to simplify various jobs. These applications enable the users to perform different tiring and time-consuming jobs with great ease and that too in the comfort of their homes or offices. For example something as small as shopping can be done on the Internet using e-commerce.

More and more customers are getting net-savvy. Hence arises the need for Digital Marketing, a process which uses different digital channels such as emails, social networking sites etc to reach out to its target audience. Digital marketers also take advantage of media apart from the Internet like television, radio, mobile phones etc.

The thumb rule of any marketing process is to attract, then to convert and lastly to retain. It is easier to attract and convert a customer but to retain him is a difficult task. Retention Marketing is indeed a valuable skill. According to sources, the cost of retaining a customer is almost one-fifth of the cost of acquiring a new customer and increasing the customer retention by 2 percent is almost equal to cutting costs by about 10 percent. Such is the impact of retaining an existing customer through Retention Marketing.

There are a numerous ways of applying this skill. The main aim of Retention Marketing is to keep reminding your customer of the existence of your organization and there needs to be an ongoing interaction with him. We highlight below, four of the most important retention tactics.

Email Marketing– One of the most effective and inexpensive retention tools is Email Marketing. It provides extraordinary targeting ability and helps you to reach out to a huge database of clients. An informative, attractive ,personalized and well-drafted email is sure to catch the eye of the receiver. It needs to have a good subject line and the sender should be easily identifiable.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Once your existing client logs in to his account ensure that he gets optimal information in regard to the product. Each product on the site should include pertinent images and product information. It is important that the content created has optimal visibility within search engines. You should also be able to suggest products based on the product searched by your client.

Social Media(SM) – With millions of users hooked on to different social media, the concept of an Editorial content plan through SM channels is a really effective tool for Retention marketing.

Mobile marketing – Short Messaging Service (SMS) is an important medium to reach out to your customers and provide them with valid information including promotions, events, discounts etc.

A happy customer will always refer and introduce you to new customers. Word of mouth is an important tool for increasing your customer database.

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