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Responsive Web Design

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Responsive Web Design is redefining the way websites are designed, enabling you to have websites that deliver exceptional experiences to your users through desktop PC, tablet or mobile device.The condensed definition of a responsive web design therefore is that it will fluidly change and respond to fit any screen or device size. In short it’s the presentation of content in the most accessible manner for any viewport that accesses it.

  • Responsive web design relies on HTML5, CSS3 and therefore works best in relatively modern web browsers
  • Responsive web design is suitable for delivery across an increasingly fragmented mobile device market
  • Search engines specially Google loves Responsive design

Responsive web design is expected to have an explosive growth in modern web development due to different device sizes and resolutions that are now available across the world. A responsive web design, built with HTML5 and CSS3, allows a website to display across multiple devices and screens without the need for server based/backend solutions.

Advantages of Responsive web design

  • The responsive design redirects users to the appropriate version of your website and having a unique URL, its perfect for integrated branding, marketing &promotional campaigns for the best ROI
  • RWD allows a website to adapt itself to the different screen resolutions. Three existing techniques (flexible grid layout, flexible images,and media queries) merged into one unified approach and that’s named as responsive web design
  • Images & columns are automatically adjusted, resized and displayed according to the device &screen resolution. This allows to preserve the layout and the display of the information on the website.
  • Responsive design is a highly effective way to take advantage of your mobile traffic and increase conversions.
  • Display of responsive websites is dependent upon device width and not on platform making the websites to automatically respond elegantly to different device and provide a great user experience.
  • Responsive web design is great for SEO as optimizing content or building links for multiple sites, as RWD creates a single model that is easy to update and optimized for all devices and since the URL is same for all devices be it an Tablet, desktop or a mobile, it makes it easy for Google to index the site.

Google recommends responsive web design because having a single URL for desktop and mobile sites makes it easier for Google to discover content and to assign indexing properties to content.

The technology is constantly changing and it’s important to consider the responsive web design option, as it requires innovative, all-devices compatible design, high-end coding using HTML 5 & CSS 3.

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