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Online Reputation Management

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Online Reputation ManagementWhen prospective customers are searching for your company name in Google are they seeing more negative websites with bad reviews of your products and services? Do you only want to have positive results in the top ten search rankings?

The most common and easiest method to review the legitimacy of a company and their services is to do a search on a top search engine and to evaluate the results.

It is also common today that if people want to find more information about you, they turn to the web.

Negative articles, websites, blog posts, forums and other comments about your business may be costing you a dramatic loss in brand reputation and revenue.

Our goal is to build you a trusted Online Reputation and to move all the negative sites down and out of the top search rankings. We accomplish this by doing search engine optimization on positive websites related to your business, which in turn, pushes the negative websites down.

The Importance of Online Reputation Management

As a business, your online reputation has become absolutely critical and will continue to grow in importance as the Internet and mobile communications continue to integrate social networking into their core processes. Your reputation may very well dictate how much you can sell, the caliber of the employee you can recruit and maintain, and the quality of vendors who do business with your company. This means managing your online reputation is a critical business task you need to understand and master.

If you’re not actively building your identity and establishing a presence online, you’re letting search engines cobble together information, good or bad, and write your public story. You need to establish and maintain a healthy online identity. Your online identity – or lack thereof – becomes more prominent by the day. People rely more and more on search results to help build a picture of you, and you want the picture to be a good one.

The key is, every business and every professional has an online reputation regardless of your online participation. This reputation will be a reputation you desire, a reputation you want to avoid, or an invisible reputation (which can be just as devastating as the bad reputation). In order for you to manage your online reputation, there are three steps you should take:

Implement a listening process to notify you when comments are made about you, your business, your brand or products, and your competitors. There are free and paid tools available to help you establish a viable listening process.

Design an engagement policy that defines how you will respond to both positive and negative comments.

Assemble an appropriate measurement system that measures how often people talk about you and your business online and whether the sentiments they express are positive or negative.

Once you establish the appropriate online reputation management process, you will be in a better position to help control the impact your online reputation has on your business.

Contact Brand Energy Digital us for your online reputation management needs.

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