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A microsite is a special Web site built around a specific marketing campaign. It is usually completely separate from a company’s main site.

Microsites are particularly useful if your business offers a variety of products or services and you want to highlight one segment, individually, for your clients. The microsite offers specialized information on products or services and can be a permanent place to showcase the product, or a temporary site during a product launch or promotion.

Additional purposes of microsites include:

  • Providing service or support for a specific product
  • Creating a keyword-friendly “home” for a new product to improve search engine rankings
  • Decreasing pay-per-click expenditures by focusing keywords in one place and improving Quality Scores
  • Increasing a primary site’s page rankings by providing inbound links via the microsite

Advantages of Microsite.

  • A Microsite can be developed with high optimization techniques , which will drive Search Engine traffic more quickly than a traditionally optimized site.
  • Microsites keep your visitors focused on the item or service at hand
  • Your Microsite is the perfect way to appeal to a new and different audience.
  • Microsites are good lead generators
  • Microsite domain names can be keyword rich
  • Microsites give an aspect of your business some website real estate it deserves
  • Microsites present exceptional design opportunities
  • Microsites help your business promote Global Vs Local

Microsites are a perfect way to add more tightly focused targeting to your overall digital strategy. And, considering the benefits that rigid, focused targeting can offer, Microsites are among the stronger tools you can work with to get significant results quickly.

The key to microsite success is the role they play in achieving a balance and synergy within the other components of a client’ s digital marketing strategy.

The possibilities for microsites are endless! For example, a real estate broker may present and showcase a new inventory of real estate product with a microsite specific to the new product.

Due to their nature microsites have the big advantage of narrow focusing on their underlying keywords, a factor that can dramatically increase positioning in Search Engines or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. It is easy to create microsites that target topic-specific keywords, and write content that is appealing, while at the same time is Search Engine-friendly.

Contact Brand Energy Digital to discuss more on Microsites and how it could convert more leads to your business.

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