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E commerce Websites

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E-commerce has made our life easy and has given us the power of business transactions into a few clicks.

Responsive Web Design is redefining the way websites are designed, enabling you to havewebsites that deliver exceptional experiences to your users throughdesktop PC, tablet or mobile device.The condensed definition of a responsive web design therefore is that it will fluidly change and respond to fit any screen or device size. In short it’s the presentation of content in the most accessible manner for any viewport that accesses it.

Important points to consider while developing a Ecommerce website

  • E-commerce Responsive web design & development
  • E-commerce content write up & Marketing
  • E-commerce shopping cart
  • E commerce Payment gateway& shipping integration
  • E-commerce order placement tracking & management
  • E-commerce Search Engine optimization and
  • E commerce Social media marketing
  • Online Marketing, SEO & training

Selection of E-Commerce Platform

To decide on which platform the ecommerce site needs to be built is a major decision. There are countless of e-commerce platforms out there, and one of major tasks is to find one that fits your requirements & needs based on your budget.

There are many options to choose from while deciding the platform for the ecommerce websites, it could be an open source cart or a customized platform. If not, then there are also hosted carts to take into account. There are also number of site features that need to be taken into account for example, a shoe ecommerce website may need an advanced search option in order to filter a search by color, size or brand.

Important Features

Other important features could be online auction, online catalogue,analytics integration, wish lists, product display with multiple images & specifications, advanced search, cart option, choice of different payment options, ability to promote a single product or group of products, marketing, promotional tools and many more.

Navigation & conversion architecture is critical to Ecommerce website design, visitors to your Ecommerce site need the same kind of visible, easy-to-follow paths as they need to see, examine, compare&evaluate theproducts.

Usability is another important feature of ecommerce website design as the potential customers need to navigate your site easily in order to ease the buying process.

Adding an online catalogue into your ecommerce website design helps build credibility. A good online catalogue can be organized into categories, easily searchable, use thumbnails to give faster load times, and provide detailed product & stock information and makes it easy for the online shopper to purchase the product.

Lastly, site security is a prime concern for potential customers and if you want them to shop online on your ecommerce website, then you need to make it easy and safe for them to pay for their purchases online. Features like having SSL (Secure Socket Layering) on your online payment pages is a must in order to handle encrypted transactions. The potential customers must feel safe and secure to do the online transactions using online payment systems&gateway,like credit card processing etc. without any fear.

With search becoming active on smart phones & mobile, the mobile commerce platform is also gaining popularity.

Many industries & verticals like real estate companies, manufacturers, retailers, dealers, distributors, banks, hotels, stock exchanges, rental agencies,transporters, travel & tourism industry, airlines, and many other businesses are going online with ecommerce websites.

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