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Conversion Architecture

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Conversion Architecture is the technique of designing webpages that encourages conversions. It starts by defining your business goals and target audience, and then ensuring that every element of the site persuades visitors down the path of conversion.

Conversion Architecture starts by defining your business goals and target audience, and then ensuring that every element of your site persuades visitors to take the desired actions. These elements include: persuasive copy, calls‑to‑action and conversion tools like live chat or click‑to‑call technology. The guiding philosophy of Conversion Architecture is that all websites must have a persuasive purpose. Building your site with Conversion Architecture in mind will result in more visitors doing what you want them to online – whether that is signing up for a free consultation or buying a new product.

Information architecture on the web involves organising and presenting information in a way that is easy for the visitor navigate, find and understand. Information architecture is to your website what blueprints are for a building. It forms the basis onto which everything else can be built.

Well constructed, easy-to-use websites lead to greater visitor satisfaction, meaning better conversion rates and more returning customers.

Many websites concentrate solely on increasing the number of visitors they have, whereas they should focus also on conversion rate and improve their site’s bottom line at minimal expense.

Some of the conversion architecture techniques are

  • Call to action: An effectively written call-to-action (usually written in 8 words or less) can help improve visitor “time on site” significantly.
  • Content: people do not want to read long pages of text — especially when you are first drawing them to your website, people want you to get to the point! Structure content, in small chunks and effective titles and provides bullet point form notes as much as possible. Doing so will invite higher readership and a lower your bounce rate!
  • Auto responders: Auto?responder is the first key communications back to a person who just made contact with you. The key here is to make it personal and relevant. Each contact form is set up with a separate auto responder that speaks to the key message or product on that page
  • Contact form: Adding a phone number in the top right of every page and a small contact form of every page leads from website visitors can go up by at least 5 times.
  • Overall layout: You must consider your target audience while working on your site’s overall layout. Consider the various personas you are targeting and how they will look at the information being displayed.
  • Choice of Color : Color has a significant effect on behavior. Choosing the right color palette for your website is incredibly important in establishing the proper mood and displaying your product or service in the right light. There is a great deal of information available online today with regards to color psychology. Remember this is about the user experience, not yours!
  • Pictures & Images : A website is carefully planned and scrutinized in the design phase. Content is then integrated. Carefully selected images would complement the content of the site. Using imagery effectively can contribute significantly to keeping the visitor on the site and improving the websites’ bounce rate.

Websites are no different! When people do searches online for information and when they click on your site, they want to know right away whether your website is what they were searching for.

In other words, do everything you can do make it clear what it is that you do by using right content, navigation and providing visual stimulation to keep the visitor on your site.

Website traffic is a voluntary process. When someone comes to your site, remember that they can click off / leave your site just as fast. Carefully think about why people are coming to your website and give them an opportunity to see who you are and, most importantly, give them a reason to take some form of action.

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