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Your customers are going mobile, are you?

mobile marketingThe shift to mobile has been proclaimed a number of times over the years and few have heeded the call. Realistically, there are two factors that will contribute to the significant increase in consumer mobile use: speed and usability.

Take a look around on any subway, in any airport, or even around the meeting table at work and you’re bound to find a number of individuals glued to their Smartphone. As providers improve their networks and hardware giants continue to push out new devices, customers are browsing the web more from their Smartphone and tablets rather than from traditional computers.

Mobile technology is transforming the business’ marketing efforts, giving them the opportunity to engage with their customers at a more personal level.

Big and small businesses should realize the importance of having a mobile compatible website. More people are accessing the web from their mobile devices today, so it is necessary for websites to offer a great mobile experience to attract and retain customers.

Benefits of having a Mobile compatible website

  • Mobile sites are designed to improve the user experience for mobile users. For example, the site is easy-to-see and performs better on phones and tablets compared to normal websites.
  • Mobile visitors are generally very impatient. If a website does not appear to be working, they will leave right away. By designing your site to be mobile-friendly, visitors are encouraged to stay and actually look through your site. From this point, they may even be convinced to buy something!
  • A mobile website performs better on mobile-friendly search engines, bringing in new visitors and customers who are searching on their phones. This also allows you to differentiate your business from the competition, as they may not be optimized on mobile search engines.

Why Build a Mobile Website,

  • Improved User Experience: Mobile sites are made to look and perform better on mobile devices than on traditional desktops or laptops, which makes for an improved user experience.
  • Longer Visits: The most common reaction visitors have to sites that don’t load properly? They leave. By designing your site to be mobile-friendly, you encourage visitors to stick around, clicking through more pages of content.
  • Faster Page Loads: Because they are designed specifically for the dimensions and standards of mobile browsers, mobile sites load faster for users.
  • Better SEO: A mobile website does better on mobile-friendly search engines, bringing in new traffic and visitors who are searching on their phones.
  • Branding: With a slick, high-quality mobile website, you communicate a sense of professionalism to your audience. What’s more, you enjoy one more opportunity to increase brand awareness.
  • Competitive Advantage: With a mobile website, you have an extra way to differentiate yourself from the competition. When mobile clients scroll through your site and your competitors’, yours will be the one from which they pull information.

If you are not someone who is surfing the web from your mobile phone, then you will soon be left behind. In the near future, most of the people will be using a mobile phone for browsing. This means that any business that has presence on internet right now should make appropriate changes to make their website mobile friendly.

Your current mobile website visitors may be getting to a site that doesn’t appear properly. This makes it hard to see your phone number, menu or list of services. Our mobile sites have many different features that make it easy for customers to call you, find you, or see what you offer at the touch of a button.

Don’t wait any longer. to Join the mobile revolution!

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